About Clinical Trials

Clinical research studies help to determine whether potential new medications (known as “investigational medications”) are safe and how well they work.

In a clinical research study, a group of people agree to take the investigational medication while being looked after by study doctors, nurses and other staff.

People choose to participate in a clinical trial for a variety of reasons:

Financial – Most trials or studies provide the visits and the medications at no cost to the patient. Often, competing and already FDA-approved treatments are quite expensive. Sometimes, a small amount of monetary compensation is given to the participant to offset their time and travel.

Lack of other options – Sometimes, currently available treatments have failed or have risks that are too great and non-FDA-approved treatments are the best or only option.

Access – Participants gain access to drugs or devices before they are available to the general public.

Altruism/Advancement of knowledge – Patients often participate in studies in order to help those that follow them, realizing that all knowledge is built on small, prior steps. They reason that a new drug may help them, but even if it does not, this is important knowledge so that attention may be directed elsewhere in the future.

Close monitoring – Patients in clinical studies generally receive more extensive testing and visits than general patients. They often find close relationships with members of the Research Team.

Call today for a free pre-screening to see if you qualify for any of these studies.
You may qualify to have A1c or cholesterol and triglycerides tested at no charge to you.
If you participate in any of our studies compensation may be available for your time and travel.


CV Risk Factors / CAD

Age 19 and older
Triglyceride >200<500

Degenerative Disc Disease

Diagnosis of Degenerative disc disease
Must have a recent MRI
No spinal surgery allowed


Type I or II


18-49 years old
Must be premenopausal and have a diagnosis of Endometriosis
Must still be having menstrual cycles

High Cholesterol

Age 18 years or older
Currently on a cholesterol-lowering therapy

High Triglycerides

Must have high triglycerides or Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease


40-65 years old
Must be post-menopausal

(Low Testosterone)

Low Testosterone Level
Willing to washout if currently on Testosterone Replacement Therapy


History of Disabling migraines for at least one year. 3-8 migraine attacks per month.

Osteoarthritis Of Knee

Evidence of mild to moderate OA
Excludes Rheumatoid or other Autoimmune illnesses

Uterine Fibroids

Healthy Females between 19-51
Diagnosed with one or more Uterine Fibroids

Statin Intolerance

Age 19 and up
Statin Intolerance and failed two previous medications

Vaccine For CMV

Age 16-35. Exposure to children 5 years and younger. Not currently pregnant.

Weight Loss

19 years and older. BMI 27 – 50. Can not be a diabetic. Can not be taking any weight loss medications.

what They’re Saying

Participant Testimonials

I’ve been doing studies with ACT for approximately 5 years. Every time I do a study I feel like I’m getting the best of care. The nurses are all very attentive, and the communication through out the study could not be better. I feel like I’m participating in developing a new treatment for patients in the future.

Male, 49

I have been a patient with Alabama Clinical Therapeutic for several studies over the years. This staff is great to work with from the top to bottom. They are professional, courteous, and punctual. I’ll continue to recommend them to friends for years to come.

Male, 47

I love the pediatric practice I use because they are so involved in research. My children have all participated in studies such as formula and vaccines. When my children are on a study, I feel like I’m receiving VIP treatment with scheduling visits and seeing the physician. The nurses call me to check on my child during the entire study. I highly recommend ACT research.

Female, 34